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Ismena Halkiewicz was born in Poland and is a graduate of the Fine Arts Academy in Cracow, Poland. From 1991 to 1992 she attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg, Germany.

Ismena Halkiewicz is an accomplished fine artist, with an extensive history of exhibitions, mural work, interior restoration, and faux finishing.  She has exhibited her work in five countries in Europe, Canada and the United States for close to 20 years; she has shown her work in fine art galleries, universities, public buildings such as restaurants and performing arts organizations, government buildings, art festivals, etc.  Her work is retained in universities, private collections and with foreign consulate buildings around the world.  She was awarded as top fine art student at the Academy of Fine Art Krakow.  She has completed approximately 60 murals in buildings both public and private, including a variety of styles and techniques from renaissance to super-realism.  Halkiewicz works with all kinds of faux finishing techniques including glazing, stipping, dragging, Venetian plastering, sponging, Distressed Wood Finish, and more.  She paints realistic and stylized portraits to meet commercial and personal needs.  Materials range from oil on canvas to watercolor, acrylic and mixed media; color schemes include monochromatic, sepia and full color palettes from traditional to contemporary.

”… the act of creating, be it a poem or a painting, is a form of confession. If one wants to tell the truth about oneself, although it may be painful, one must overcome self-consciousness to expose the innermost self, for that is the price authenticity demands. I am an artist and was born to paint.”